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Ball And Roll by Mesut is on the App Store and Google Play

Today we are announcing a new game which is created by another user of ours, Mesut from GameMate. He is a graphic designer who wanted to create his very own mobile game on his own, and he chose GameLooper to turn it into a reality.

Ball and Roll is a challenging game that you need to get your green ball to reach the end of each level by tilting your device. There are 34 levels and more are on the way. Use every platform and every gear for your advantage but avoid spikes. It gets really challenging really fast.

But don’t worry you will master.

Now, go to the App Store or Google Play and download Ball and Roll.
Let’s see how far you will reach 😉

App Store:
Google Play:

1 2 3

4 5


Sneak Into is published for iOS and tvOS

Another addictive game created by using GameLooper is now available to download.

Sneak Into is a calm game but it needs good reflexes. Design is minimalistic and it can be played with one finger. Purpose of the game is to advance into square rooms, quickly decide which way to turn and correctly time it by a swipe of a finger and go into another room. There is only one chance to make a move in each room, so be precise. When you finish all 100 levels, you can play the endless mode.

Here is a short preview video:

For the first time ever, we exported a game and published it to Apple TV. If things go well, you may be able to export your very own games to Apple TV as well as iOS and Android phones and tablets. Stay tuned.

Now, go to the App Store and download Sneak Into and let us know if you liked it.

PS: Android version is coming soon…

SneakIntoi1 SneakIntoi2 SneakIntoi3

SneakIntoi4 SneakIntoi5

Tueples – First GameLooper Game is Published

Today is a special day!

One of our beloved users, Richard Rabassa, has created a game called “Tueples” by using GameLooper, and as of today it is on the App Store and Google Play.

App Store:
Google Play:

  • Tueples is a level based colorful game of quick reflexes. Aim is to capture the crazy Tueples as they dance around and drag them into the vortex before the timer runs out.
  • You  need to be precise to catch the moving Tueples and quick to catch enough of them. Time is running.
  • There are 10 different Tueples to choose from. Coins are waiting to be catched in the game to unlock them.
  • You should look for the powerups when they appear. One of them makes the Tueples easy to catch, other one provides extra time.

We congratulate Richard and invite all of you to play Tueples for free.

Tueples1   Tueples2   Tueples3

Tueples4   Tueples5

GameLooper has just past 50,000 users


GameLooper has been downloaded more than 50,000 times, and we wanted to celebrate it with all of our users 🙂

Create a game until
Feb 29th, 2016
We will publish your game as a GameLooper Game
And all revenue will be yours

All you have to do is to create a fun game that deserves to be on the market.

What do we mean by “deserve”? As usual, we will be filtering the games based on aesthetics, mechanics and game design. The graphics and audio should be in harmony, your game should attract players back to the game with its content (such as super fun mechanics, different characters, collectibles, coins etc.) You can check our publishing criteria here.

You don’t have to integrate Pro Mode features, we can do it together. Just focus on your game design.
Request publish from the GameLooper mobile app and we will get back to you.

If you want to publish your game on your own, you can export your game for $99, with 50% off.

You can check the first published GameLooper game, Bad Tackle, from the App Store and Google Play to get yourself a reference point 😉

BadTackle1   BadTackle2   BadTackle3

BadTackle5   BadTackle6   BadTackle7

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