Month: March 2016

Tueples – First GameLooper Game is Published

Today is a special day!

One of our beloved users, Richard Rabassa, has created a game called “Tueples” by using GameLooper, and as of today it is on the App Store and Google Play.

App Store:
Google Play:

  • Tueples is a level based colorful game of quick reflexes. Aim is to capture the crazy Tueples as they dance around and drag them into the vortex before the timer runs out.
  • You  need to be precise to catch the moving Tueples and quick to catch enough of them. Time is running.
  • There are 10 different Tueples to choose from. Coins are waiting to be catched in the game to unlock them.
  • You should look for the powerups when they appear. One of them makes the Tueples easy to catch, other one provides extra time.

We congratulate Richard and invite all of you to play Tueples for free.

Tueples1   Tueples2   Tueples3

Tueples4   Tueples5

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